Aug 4, 2009

The Perfect Yang

my found table
So, it started off with me digging in the trash and finding woolah. A table yay for me. I like to paint on 3 dimensional things.. for some odd reason it makes me happy. But yeah. So I also love fish and wanted to paint something whimsical and pretty so here it goes. I painted a table based off one of my favorite artist, Blaine Fontana. I am in love with his work so I tried to relate his work to mine. I related this piece to a personal feeling of just trying to strive for piece and serenity. We know that is always hard to let things go especially when most of them are simply beyond our control. In this painting I was at a point in my life where I wanted to try new things and explore the fields. Yet all the same I was afraid, seeing as this was my senior year and teachers are like "hey.. you need to find a style.. you need to find what it is that you want to do.. and hey you need to like it". So if I could not find piece with in my life at the time with the daily struggle of trying to figure out who I am and what I want to do at least I knew through my work, eventually I could find piece.
It is just too cute

My sketch
This was the original sketch.. But it later changed due to the simplicity of it. Which is not bad.
But I tend to get bored fairly easily with my work if it is not going in the direction that I want.

Blocking in color
And here I am blocking in some color

Under painting
And now.. I got to show at a local gallery.. and yay it sold.