May 7, 2009

I just want to Paint

This is a sketch I did a little while back. It encompasses my thought of my future. Sometimes it is general for a person or a artist to find themselves caught in a rut within their work. Over the last semester I spent a lot of my time wandering if I believed in my abilities to make art. I lost confidence sometimes.
However, it was not later that I realized every painting is practice. Although, the process may be long and sometimes tedious in the end the creation is usually worth all the troubles.

Phase two blocking in the color. I find this part probably the most troublesome. Its when I have to figure things out the most in my work. This is more of my fought being I generally do not color studies on personal pieces. It usually just starts from a idea.

Still blocking in color using flat colors to block in shapes.

Here is when the fun begins. The details are what I live for. I love spending hours painting the little tiny details. I can get lost sometimes. Its fun.

Finished product of fun and creativity.


  1. the final scan looks so awesome. "come on Piggie! You do it!! Whatever it is."
    I like the swirls too
    nice update. :)

  2. dude, this is the sickest illadociousness ever!

  3. This piece is painfully adorable! I love how all the shapes work so well together.

  4. this is so cool, Gloria! how come l never seen this before?

    l agree, the swirls on the water are really cool. They help accentuate the movement of water, but also, to me, they kinda give it a texture that is usually not associated with water. Reminds me of the surface of a squash for reason, lol, and l think it works well.

    The night sky really wins it for me. l think the piece wouldn't convey the same meaning of exploration (in terms of you finding your true abilities to make art, like you mentioned, lol) if it were put in a daytime setting. lt also strengthens the idea of pressure put on by being "stuck in a rut". To top it off, your character designs are cute too. :)

    Hope to see more.