Aug 4, 2009

It's Yoshi


The Autumn Society is dedicating a show to the great and wonderful video games we grew up on. I know we all had a favorite video game and gaming station. For me it was NINTENDO. And man o' man do I love me some Yoshi. I did a painting of Yoshi, which will be displayed at the comic book store called New World. I hope you guys can make and see what the fuss is about. It will be awesome show this upcoming friday. I will also be in another art show around the corner from New World, so come out and support. Sorry as of right now I do not have a scan. I'll be getting that to you tomorrow. Been a little busy trying to figure out what my next moves will be as far as work and trying to find a paying job. lol But I hope you come and enjoy.. and bring friends. It is a time of fun and entertainment. Bring your eyes.


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