Aug 4, 2009

A day of painitng

Another great opportunity arose and I got to show my art again. It was wonderful as the show was a dedication to local Philly graffiti artist. I met many interesting people with beautiful personalities. And even more, I was escorted by my chum Collie Mills. We were excited to know we could do some live painting. Something I had never before until than so it was a cool knock dead experience. We had a good time with a free nasty but when its free I guess you can't complain.
It's weird when people promotion shows pick your art. Most of the time your like why did you just pick that. I know I have better paintings than that for you to choose from. And than you go to the show and your like ooooooooooooh.. ok lol I see why you picked this because of the theme. Yeah ok. lol. That was my response to the Promoter of the show. But in all I enjoyed myself. I was a great experience and I will cherish these events with my life. Every opportunity given to me is a blessing and I must humble. I will never know what opportunity knocks at my door. But I guess some days you will wont know until you open it and see.

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